I’m Dr. Rami Ayoob, National of Kingdom of Bahrain. an innovative and result-oriented professional with over 18+ years of executive-level experience, Responsible for all aspects of strategic Technology planning and achievement of Enterprise goals. CEO of Spark Information Technology, a technology focused on developing innovative solutions to tackle modern business challenges. With years of experience in the technology industry, have a proven track record of leading successful projects and teams. As a dynamic and forward-thinking leader, I have embraced the latest technological advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to drive innovation and productivity in my organization. Also the Founder of Astro Tech Hub, to conduct research into various aspects of the universe. This involve designing and carrying out experiments, analyzing data, and publishing research papers, development of theoretical models to explain the behavior of celestial objects and phenomena. This may involve using mathematical equations to simulate different scenarios and predict outcomes. Earned Doctor of Philosophy in Astrophysics from Selinus University in Italy. A Master's Degree in Computer Science major in Information Technology, from City University of New Orleans. Also. A Degree in Electronics Engineering from University of Bahrain. I have a passion in Astrophysics and Astronomy and had published several papers in decent Scientific journals within these domains, and I got significant feedback from several parties such as Professors, Astronomers and Research Centers on the way of how I use my knowledge and experiences in Astrophysics world, to reshape the current state of Art in Classic Astronomy and Space Explorations. My papers are published on a scientific Journal after passed several stages from editing, peer-reviewed by internal and external reviewers within Physics and Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology fields