Mr Kolemann Lutz (Kole) is a researcher, entrepreneur and educator with 6+ years in research R&D, business development, physics, space systems, and engineering. He has published 20+ research publications to advance systems, biology, climate change, materials, & life on Earth and beyond. In 2018, Kole started the Frontier Space Podcast, listened to in over 80+ countries, while traveling through SE Asia in 2018. In cofounding Magneto Space in 2021, Kole and the team are developing prototypes with 2 patents to enable electromagnetic fields to improve systems, materials, and humans on Earth and in space. Kole is also licensed as Real Estate Agent in VA. Kole enjoys adventures, long distance biking, traveling, philanthropy, scuba diving, and math. He was also recently awarded Top 100 Men in Aerospace to Follow in 2022 and is open to collaborating and new opportunities in 2023-2024.